Ever experienced “Editing procrastination”?

You KNOW that session didn’t go as planned and now you are just DREADING the idea of looking at the images. 

Never mind editing them.

But editing procrastination might not be the most dangerous syndrome for a newborn photographer.

Pause for a moment and think your business.

Are you avoiding business or marketing tasks that you struggle with?

Maybe you avoid following up on enquiries because you just DON’T KNOW what to say, and you feel like you are bothering people?

… or you keep putting off planning any adverts, as your mind goes blank when thinking up content?

Is your pricing all over the place but you have no idea where to start to put it right?

You are not alone!


It’s fulfilling and enjoyable to spend time doing things we excel at, and easy to avoid tasks we aren’t so great at.

People tend to be scared of what they are not good at, trying and failing can make them feel inadequate.

We bury our head in the sand and brush things under the carpet, but that feeling does not go away. It keeps us awake at night. It gets louder every time the problem manifests itself again (and believe me, it WILL happen).

The good news?

In business and marketing, everything is “figureoutable”.

The BETTER news is that figuring things out and improving will empower you and boost your confidence.

Yes, because it’s that feeling of “I don’t know what I am doing” that is keeping you stuck and making you wonder whether or not you are “good enough”.


As a former piano tutor, I would tell my students “Practice what you CAN”T play’ and this translates very well to the business world.

A dear friend tells her children they only find some school work difficult because they haven’t learnt how to do it yet. She tells them it’s a sign they need more practice and ultimately that they need to ask for guidance from someone who DOES know how to do it.

It’s the same in business.

It doesn’t mean you are BAD at something if you struggle, only that you require some help. 

It’s a bit like having a toothache. It hurts a little bit, so you ignore it to avoid the dentist and save money, then in six months it’s 10 times as bad and will cost even more to get sorted.

Identifying your weaknesses and looking for ways to improve, seeking outside help from those who DO know, will get you on the right path. Far better than ignoring them, knowing full well they are going to come and bite you on the bum somewhere down the line. 

Whether that presents itself as poor bookings, client issues or simply stress you do not need.

Once things click into place, you’ll find yourself enjoying 100% of your business, rather than just 75% and the rewards will be immense.

Part of being a good business owner is not only being able to delegate, but also to identify strengths and weaknesses, and be able to act upon them. 

As “the owner”, you aren’t answerable to anyone but yourself, so it’s easy to slip into a habit of avoiding tasks you are weaker at and playing to your strengths.

Eventually, however, your strengths will suffer because of this – you need the whole choir singing in tune!

For instance, if it’s your marketing you are having issues with, it’s no good being the best photographer in the world if your marketing sucks! 

Without clients, there is no photography business. 

Or if your pricing is your nemesis you could be working your butt off, producing incredible results, but getting nowhere fast.


“Ok, I get it, so now what?”

No matter what you are struggling with, solving your problem requires 3 steps:

1 – Total clarity about the problem itself and what’s causing it

2 – A solid plan

3 – The ability to make decisions when things don’t work as planned: stick to the plan or adjust? This makes the BIGGEST difference.

Achieving all this on your own is hard.

Being too close to the problem can lead to you not being able to see the wood for the trees. Facing your issues head-on can be daunting, so don’t do it alone. Letting someone assist you with their metaphorical axe paves the way for smoother running business, instead of giving up and going back to old habits, which can be all TOO tempting. 

So before you immerse yourself and write the most sophisticated marketing plan the photography industry has ever seen… ASK FOR HELP. 

Sometimes some outside guidance and little tweaks can be your ‘light bulb’ moment and go a long way to improving your confidence, happiness and success in what you do.

Yes, it can be hard releasing your hold on the reins when your business is your baby, but similarly, your baby deserves you to be firing on all cylinders.

If you are ready to finally feel confident and in control of your business, this is the most important page you will visit today.

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Long gone are the days when you could pop up on Google overnight, maybe stuffing your HTML with meaningless lists of keywords (yes, I am that old!).

Our blog post series “SEO tips for Newborn Photographers” will help you navigate the most recent changes in search engine’s algorithm and get your Newborn Sessions page seen!


Since the major Google algorithm update in August 2018 (called “the medic update”), the acronym “E-A-T” has become a superstar in the SEO universe.

Why? Well…

To rank well on Google, you need to nurture your brand by building its Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (exactly what E-A-T stands for)!

The core idea is that Google relies on a whole range of “trust signals” to evaluate the authority of a website’s content and its creator.

Unfortunately, we cannot control directly all of the trust elements considered by Google. We must therefore ensure that our studio’s website sends out as many “trust signals” as possible.

So, let’s dive right in!


Google reviews not only your website’s E-A-T score… but yours, also!

When creating your About page try to use the following structure:

  1. A one sentence introduction that immediately connects you with the reader on a more personal level (remember… it’s never about YOU!). In simple terms: write something that makes you unique, and that people WILL remember.
  2. Add a few more details to create Trust and Authority (for example, are you a registered nurse? What other qualifications do you have?). But remember: this is not a resume! Avoid writing a list of awards you have won or associations you are part of. Instead, mention a few and explain to the reader why they should care about it.
  3. End the About page with links to your Social Media profiles… and don’t forget Linkedin.


I am always surprised when I browse someone’s website and I struggle to find their full contact details!

Local businesses in particular (and you are one of them), should include their full address, a contact number and other contact details.

Are you using a contact form? Don’t forget to also include your email address!

Possibly, at least your email and phone number should also be included on your header and footer.

If your website uses WordPress it is a good idea to use a WordPress SEO plugin like Rank Math to create structured data that can then be used by serch engines.

SEO tips for Newborn Photographers


We all know about GDPR and the need of a GDPR/Cookie banner… but do you really have all of the policies in place?

These “boring” pages are not only important for your SEO, they are also required for your website to be compliant with Facebook Ads and Google Ads policies. Not having them in place can even result in your advertising account being banned!

At the very least, you should have in place:

  • A Cookie Policy that explains what Cookies are, which ones you are using and how a visitor can opt-out
  • A Privacy Policy that includes your contact details
  • Website Terms

Companies like Harmony & Blue offer professional templates you can personalise and use.

If you are on the Grow Your Photography Studio programme instead… get in touch! We have templates we can share with you right away.


WHOIS (pronounced as “who is”) is a query protocol used to check information about the ownership of a domain name.

As a real business, make this information public for your studio’s website. No serious business has private WHOIS information but before you do this make sure the address is your business address and not your home address.

How do you know if your WHOIS is private or public?

The easiest way is to check using a WHOIS Lookup service such as https://whois.domaintools.com/ (free).

Wrapping up: SEO tips for Newborn Photographers (E-A-T)

There are many elements that Google takes into consideration when it comes to E-A-T, so every Newborn Photographer should ensure to work on the ones listed on this blog post as a start.

And as you keep working on your SEO remember: aim at creating quality content that resonates with your readers and creates trust!

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