facebook photography business page

Want to avoid a ban? Take care of your Facebook Photography Business Page

Imagine this: it’s Monday morning and you are sipping coffee…
May 31, 2021/by giuliabigi
marketing for newborn photographers


A few days ago one of my clients had her 1 to 1 training with…
May 22, 2021/by giuliabigi
photography business lockdown marketing


Waiting for restrictions to ease, because then “hopefully…
February 9, 2021/by giuliabigi
3 steps to a better photography business - free coaching call for photographers

3 Steps to a better photography business

Ever experienced “Editing procrastination”?

You KNOW that session didn’t go as planned and now you are just DREADING the idea of looking at the images.

Never mind editing them.
September 27, 2020/by giuliabigi
SEO tips for Newborn Photographers

Is Google trusting your site? SEO tips for Newborn Photographers

Long gone are the days when you could pop up on Google overnight,…
September 14, 2020/by giuliabigi
How to Exclude your IP from Google Analytics

How To Exclude Your IP Address From Google Analytics

Ever worked on your brand new website, then opened Google Analytics…
May 14, 2020/by giuliabigi
Blog Post Ideas for Newborn Photographers

“What Should I Write About?” – Blog Ideas for Newborn Photographers

We have discussed in previous posts how to use tools like Moz.com…
May 12, 2020/by giuliabigi
SEO for Newborn Photographers

Choose your “marketing battles” wisely – SEO for (Newborn) Photographers

SEO can do magic for your marketing, but if you are thinking that SEO is "free"... think again.

As competition increases and Google becomes smarter and smarter (gone are the times when stuffing your page with keywords was all you needed), ranking well on search results for keywords that are driving enough traffic to your site takes TIME.
April 2, 2020/by giuliabigi

Wondering what your next blog post should be about? Wonder no more.

Have you ever thought about writing more blog posts to help…
March 28, 2020/by giuliabigi
The Ultimate Client Avatar Workbook for Newborn Photographers

The Ultimate Client Avatar Workbook for Newborn Photographers (Free Guide)

When it comes to costumer acquisition, retention and marketing…
March 21, 2020/by giuliabigi

How to create 19 pieces of content in 2 hours (free guide)

When it comes to building a brand and expanding your business…
February 20, 2020/by giuliabigi
Mindset for Newborn Photographers

That customer hates me! (or so my brain says)

Some days it seems like our entire life depends on making “the…
November 22, 2019/by giuliabigi