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Top 5 Tips for Converting Your Newborn Leads

Have you noticed how lately converting leads for Newborn Sessions seems to be more difficult than before? At times it can feel like an uphill struggle when conversions aren’t going well – and it can leave you questioning if your work is good enough, or what you’re doing wrong. Why aren’t they booking you?  Is […]

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SEO For Newborn Photographers: Google Search Console Guide

As a newborn photographer, getting your work seen by potential clients is crucial for growing your business. Most of this visibility comes through online search results in the current digital era, making search engine optimization (SEO) a crucial component of your marketing plan. Google Search Console, a powerful, free tool from Google, can provide invaluable […]

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Facebook Ads for Photographers – 5 most common mistakes

Facebook Ads have always been a big part of our coaching The Marketing Mastermind for Newborn Photographers, but there is no doubt that they are becoming increasingly popular among Newborn Photographers. While there are great courses available to get started with Facebook Ads, learning to use them effectively to get bookings for Newborn and Cake […]

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About Your Expectations & Mine – Marketing for Photographers

If you are considering my coaching – or any marketing services/course – chances are you expect one thing above everything else: results. Enquiries, bookings and sales. After all, that’s what marketing promises and that’s what it should deliver. Pretty simple. You know what? Not only do I agree with this, I can also guarantee that […]

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Conscious Business for Photographers: an introduction

I have thought long and hard about using the word “conscious” in an industry that offers luxury services, but after a year of work, I still believe this might be the best way to define this new – or better, different – approach to business. So let’s begin by defining what “conscious” means. Simply put, […]

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Marketing for Photographers is changing – Welcome to Grow Your Photography Studio v2.0

5 years ago, when I took my first photography client on board, I felt like I was going back in time. So many tools and strategies that were well known and widely used in other industries were not only unknown to photographers but were also rejected and dismissed whenever I mentioned them in photography groups […]

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Facebook Pages: 3 steps to prevent being hacked + What to do if hackers strike

Let’s be honest: hating Facebook is pretty easy, these days. Like it or hate it, social media is an essential part of our marketing and business… and losing an account (or even worse, a Business Page) is definitely not an experience you want to go through. Trust me. So while hacking attempt (and successes) are […]

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You know? The one rushing through questions nobody is interested in, in the first place, just to get to the point where you leave the bar together. Except, you can clearly see through it. And that’s why it feels gross. Or like a ridiculous waste of time if, after all, you would not mind being […]

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Most of our lives are filled with too much pressure. Financial pressure, expectations, emails, messages and… time pressure. When you have your own business, time pressure and the constant feeling of being about to drown because you simply don’t have time to it all can easily bring you to the point of breakdown. Shooting, organising […]



“Will this work for me?”“What if it doesn’t work?”“And how is this different?” Quite often, photographers who have tried other coaching or marketing programmes are always more careful and unsure about signing up for The Marketing Mastermind. And in all honesty, I love it. I love being asked the tough, uncomfortable questions. To me, answering […]