Blog Post Ideas for Newborn Photographers

We have discussed in previous posts how to use tools like to find blog ideas to boost your SEO and, most of all, how to write content that answers actual questions your ideal clients have on their mind.

To make things easier for you, I have created a list of topics to get you started: pick the ones that fit well into your brand identity and get writing.


If there is one thing there is never too much of, that is… time (for me, the same applies to pizza but that’s another story).

So what you want to avoid is to spend hours writing blog posts that are not going to move your readers closer to you as a photographer and brand. Not to mention… you want them to move closer to booking a session with you!

While writing copy to sell is an art (and an actual job), there is one question you should ask yourself before you start typing: how do you need to make your reader feel in order for them to want to book a session with you?

Let me give you an example. If you have ever invested on a training or workshop, you probably remember all of the doubts you had before joining.

Is this really going to work for me?

Am I really going to use this course?

And if it was a mentoring or coaching programme, you probably wondered if the coach or mentor was really going to take care of you, answer your questions and help you every step of the way.

In the beginning, when all of these questions were unanswered, you were more than likely also unsure about the investment. So you probably asked other photographers for their experience with that training… or contacted the trainer (or her team) directly.

And if reading other people’s experience or talking to the trainer made you feel like “Yes! This is really going to make a difference and solve my problem!”… the investment immediately became WORTH IT.

The reason for this long ramble is one: don’t focus on writing content to get bookings, focus on writing content to make your readers feel welcome, safe and taken care of.


1 – Walk-through a Session with Me

Use this post to describe the experience from the moment your clients walks into your studio to the moment they leave. Remember! This is not a guide on “How to prepare for your session” or a post for photography experts! Explain the process in a simple way and use story-telling to show your clients your expertise. For example, think about the first pose you normally begin your session with: is there a specific reason for it? Getting the baby to settle and be in a deep(er) sleep? Talk about it!

2 – Colours and textures

Have you ever felt like all your prospects think about (and ask about) is price?
If so, I invite you to pause and list 10 good reasons why they SHOULD NOT be thinking about price. I ask for prices quite often when I am interested in a product (if I don’t it’s just because I already know the prices).

Now, we can talk for ages about how “ideal clients” would pay any price for your pictures, but the quicker we acknowledge that price is in your prospects’ minds the quicker we can solve this.

Step number one for moving the conversation from price to the actual session, is to talk about something your mamas know and understand… and that gives you a chance to use the “cute-factor”.

All of you have a beautiful portfolio of images, use them to talk about colours and textures… and the role they play on how photographs (and canvases!) look. At the same time, you can give mums a simple excercise they can do around colour choices: from listing down the main colours used in different rooms of their home, to what colours they think would complement their babies’ hair and eye colour and complexion best. Get their imagination to work!

3 – Tell someone’s story… but include a testimonial!

Very often I see blog posts about a specific session and baby.

However, sometimes those posts feel a bit “empty” from a reader’s point of view. Try writing this post as a story and talk about the baby, the mum and the session: go back to the first two blog post ideas… include some details on why specific colours and textures where chosen, and maybe add a little bit about the poses!

Document the process and don’t forget to include a testimonial from mum and dad! Chances are you have contacted them to ask if they were happy for you to write a blog post about their baby… use this opportunity to ask for feedback! If they have already left you a review, you might want to ask to add a little something they would like to share with other mums that are thinking about a session.

4 – Your Studio

So much money, time and efforts goes into creating a beautiful studio… you want to talk about it!

Explain why you have designed it in a specific way and highlight details related to safety. Of course, talk about the changing station (do you have one? Is it stocked up?), play area for siblings and so on.

Talking about the studio also means… props, blankets, backdrop and so on. You might want to dedicate a separate post to this, but it is always worth reminding your clients that you are using natural fibers (and organic, if that’s the case). Talking about this, you can elaborate a little abou how you source your props, headbands, flower crowns and so on.

Remember: you want your clients to feel “proud” about being able to give this experience to their family, in a beautiful studio with a professional newborn photographer!

5 – Why are your products so expensive?

Another big one, have you ever been asked why your canvases or albums or frames are so expensive? Ever felt attacked by that question?

While it is not your job to convince people that your products are worth the price, it is definitely your job to help clients make the right choice in terms of products… and you cannot achieve this without educating them!

Let’s talk canvases.

You know the difference between a cheap, flimsy, canvas and the ones you sell. EXPLAIN IT TO YOUR READERS!

Show them the difference in terms of wood, what the back of the canvas looks like, explain why they should care about a particular protective layer and so on…

This is also a great opportunity to get them thinking LONG TERM. How is that flimsy canvas going to look in 3 or 5 years? Would they really want a not great-looking piece of wall art in their living room? Showcasing a photo of their beautiful baby?

Surely not.


You now have 5 ideas to get you started, all you need is to pick one, find the right pictures and get writing.

Remember: the whole point of having a blog is to create trust and move your readers closer to your brand. The approach you use when writing is essential: you are helping people understand your world and to feel welcome in it. This will make it so much easier for you to remember your brand and value your expertise as a professional newborn photographer.

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