Get More Clients for your Photography Studio

Expensive new car. Check ✔️.

Designer clothes. Check ✔️.

Apple watch for both mom and dad ✔️. Check

New phones. Aaaand check ✔️.

Ever had in the studio someone who checked all of the “HIGH spender” boxes… and ended up buying a bunch of digitals?

Or the opposite, a totally unexpected BIG sale.

So… if targeting “high spenders” or “ideal clients” is not as easy as targeting more affluent people, how can we ensure we get “the right” people in the studio?

Who are these “high spenders”?


Why people buy

Despite what most of us believe, very rarely clients are happy to pay a higher price because “they value your time or talent more” than others do.

Why? Because the motivation to buy comes from within the buyer. In other words, it’s never about YOU.

Don’t believe me? Think about the last time you went on a workshop.

“Well, actually I chose my trainer because she was the best one… and I know quality comes at a cost. So I was happy to pay more!”

Sure. But you probably picked that trainer because…

  • You had a “painful problem” you wanted to solve. Maybe lighting, or wrapping, or maybe the idea that creating better images would get you more (or better) clients
  • You wanted their name on your curriculung (prestige)
  • It was an easy and safe decision, as you trained with them before
  • You wanted results quickly, and training with “the best” was a guarantee of results

This is why you were happy to pay more.

The same applies to your clients.

They spend more because they believe you offer a better, quicker or more prestigious solution to their wants and needs.

In light of this, virtually almost everybody who can afford your sessions can become a high spender – if you put enough work into uncovering their wants and needs.

Or, better, their motivation for buying.


The reality is, though, that you won’t be able to turn every client into a high spender. We don’t have infinite time to understand everyone’s motivations and triggers for buying.

Additionally, you are a photographer… not a professional sales-woman!

“Ok cool, but I still don’t want to have in the studio people who are just looking for a bargain and will make my life a nightmare!”

This is where your marketing and pricing strategy really make all the difference.

Here are 5 tips:

1 – Choose a pricing structure aligned with your business goals. Are you a new photography trying to get market shares? An established photographer looking to increase the average spend for your newborn sessions?

2 – Align your marketing to your business and pricing. If you want people to stop talking about prices… stop focusing on price! You just cannot market yourself around price (Read this for inspiration). Divide your content in two: use some to “nurture” your leads (make them “hotter”) and some to qualify them.

Make clear who you are and what you stand for – so your content will only resonate with people who understand it and appreciate it.

3 – To understand your prospects’ motivations you need to… TALK TO THEM. So figure out a script for your Messenger and Email conversation that will help you do just that.

4 – Identify 3 to 5 key questions that can help you understand who is in front of you. Have they had a session before? Have they already thought about ways of displaying their images?

5 – GET MORE LEADS! It is almost impossible to understand trends, to perfect your scripts and really charge WHAT YOU DESERVE if your business depends on a handful of leads and bookings.


Almost every client who can afford one of your newborn session has the potential to become… a high spenders.

  1. Ensure your pricing and marketing qualify your leads. Use your content to make it crystal clear who your clients are and what you stand for.
  2. Remember that what makes this possible (and sustainable) is generating enough leads and enquiries.
  3. Understand what motivates your people to book a session… and buy!

If you have found this article helpful but need some help to put together an action plan to help you get MORE of THE RIGHT clients, book a free business and marketing coaching call below.

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