Marketing for newborn photographers

Not a day goes by without someone telling me how “the best” clients come from Google, as if the universe could be divided into categories:

  • On the one side, the misfits. Awful troublemakers, price-shoppers people who only exist on social media and message us with the only purpose of making our life impossible
  • On the other side, the elected ones. These affluent lovers of all arts habit the internet exclusively via search engines (Google, in other words) and keep their collection of credit cards at hand every time they visit a website

To say the least, this is an oversimplification that continues to be fed for one simple reason: growing a business on social media sucks.

It’s HARD work and these days it requires an ever-growing amount of patience. 

What makes it even harder is how hard it is to track results accurately since likes, reach and engagement are not really an indication of how much business (and revenue) you are generating at any given time.


Now, of course there is some truth in this statement.

We use social media and search engines for different purposes and with a different intent

There is no question that if you are ready to buy something, or actively looking for a service supplier, you are going to use Google more than any other platform.

Additionally, you will most likely get in touch with that supplier or company when you have already made up your mind… or almost.

Which is why converting leads coming through your website generally takes less effort.

Well, so the best clients ARE coming via my website!


What makes them easier to deal with is that they are hotter.

Whatever, why should I bother with social media and all the time wasters on there if I can get easy-to-convert people via my website?


The market around you is not the same, the competition is not the same, and the number of companies using social media to figuratively steal your potential clients by reaching them on social media before they get to you is increasing by the day.

Sure, if you are well established, have a studio in an affluent area and have a big enough pool of past clients that keep referring you… you can afford to sit there and wait for people to find you.

… and hope your competitors won’t ever learn how to market aggressively enough to eat a slice of your pie.

But if your circumstances are different, then believing that oversimplification means betting your business on someone else’s (biased) belief.

marketing for newborn photographers

Marketing and advertising on social media can be incredibly profitable if done properly. 

And while I would never advocate for you to only rely on it to promote and grow your business (as I would NEVER advocate to rely on any ONE platform for that purpose), I do urge you to consider this:

  • Social Media is pretty much one of the best ways for your studio to actively reach new people.

    They sit there scrolling, haven’t even started thinking about a newborn session, and you can pay Facebook £0.2 to show them one of your ads and get them thinking about it.

    Thinking about your studio.
  • Yes, these leads WILL be colder and some of them will realise half-way through the process they can’t really afford you or your services

    But are you sure you know how to deal with these colder, newer leads, or is it maybe possible that they seem awful and uninterested because…. You are trying to deal with them the same way you would deal with someone ready to book?

    And how would your business change, if you could learn how to profitably reach 10x the people you are reaching through Google… and convert them?


I’ll tell you a secret.

The horrible, terrible, awful clients you get through social media… are us.

Don’t believe me?

I work exclusively with newborn photographers and if you are reading this, you might be one of my clients (hi!).

If you are, there is a high chance I found you on social media. Whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Possibly, with one of my ads.

Then you had a call with me and decided we were a good fit and chose to sign up.

And with you, many other newborn photographers.

Does that make you a time-wasting, price-shopping, trouble-making client?

If you are, there is a high chance I found you on social media.
Does that make you a time-wasting, price-shopping, trouble-making client?


Grow Your Photography Studio’s vision is to empower newborn photographers everywhere to create successful businesses aligned with their art, values and vision.

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